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                                          Conveyor belt clamps

Conveyor Belt Clamps

Belt Clamps include:

. Heavy to Medium Duty Belt Clamps
. Heavy Duty Clamps
. In Situ Clamps

MATO Power Clamp
Heavy To Medium Duty Belt Clamp

 Designed for use in any conditions
 Easy to transport and assemble
 Steel and aluminium beams are available
 The ability to clamp any belt width positively
  Available in various sizes to suit different belt     strengths
 Ajustable for different belt widths

MATO Mining Clamp Series
Heavy Duty Belt Clamp

 These clamps are available in three rated working
.  The design of these belt clamps have a patented
   safety system which allows the clamping force on
   the belt to increase in proportion to the pulling force
   applied to the belt.
Specially designed to hold the belt at three times
   the safe working load.

MATO In Situ Clamp Series

.  The MATO Stationary Belt Clamp is permanently
   installed on the conveyor.
.  Single lever operation
.  Safe Working load of 100kN
.  Can be locked in position for security.


MATO 4405 "Heavy-Duty" Belt Clamp Kit

. Includes:
     Belt Clamps: 2 Left, 2 Right Chain/Cable: 2 safety chains Coupling: 4 shackles
. Purpose/Benefits:
    The 4405 belt clamp is made of casted steel and is our highest grade belt clamp. It outweighs and outperforms our lighter 4404 belt clamp, and is ideal for coal mining, crushed stone operations.
-3000 lb. pull rating
-Accepts up to 7/8" thick belt
-Utalizes 3/8" chain (no cable)
-Can be pulled across top rollers
-Easy to use
-Conveyor belt does not have to be flat to install
-Light Weight
-Cast steel for strength
-very economical because they fit all belt widths